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Madrid Airport Transfer To Cuenca

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Cuenca is a picturesque town, famous for its 'Hanging houses' or 'Casas Colgadas', that literally cling to the edge of a steep gorge. It is a fantastic place for all the family, or couples to spend the day.

To reach Cuenca, you can take a RENFE train from Atocha station. To get to Atocha from the airport.
metroMetro: Nuevos Ministerios (Pink Line, L8)
metroMetro:Tribunal (Dark Blue Line, L10)
metroMetro: Atocha Renfe (Light Blue Line, L1)

First take metro line 8 and change at Nuevos Ministerios for line 10 (in the direction of Puerta del Sur). Then change from line 10 to line 1 at Tribunal station, and after 6 stops you will be at the Atocha renfe station. A RENFE train ticket price depends on which type of train you take to and from Cuenca. The journey time also varies between approximately 1 hour to 3 hours.

Metro Ticket Prices
Single ticket: €1.50

RENFE Train Ticket Prices
Single ticket: €14.85 - €45.30

Cuenca is not the last stop, and each train stops at a different number of stations before reaching Cuenca. Up to date timetables on the official RENFE site

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