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Parking at Madrid Airport

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Madrid Airport Parking Ticket Machines
This is what the pay machines look like at the car park in Madrid airport
The airport has over 10,000 parking spaces, divided into 5 areas. You will also find a guide to parking costs and details about how and where to pay.

Parking areas are divided as follows:

P1 (open air) and P2 (covered) for general parking from a few hours to a few days
Express car park for short stays of up to 30 minutes
VIP car park

Long stay car park 'Larga estancia' - this car park is 5 kilometres away from the terminal 1, but there is a free bus to ferry passengers to and from the airport, in less than 10 minutes. Spaces must be booked in advance by calling
Tel: +34 91 321 1000.

Car park map of Madrid airport

When you enter the parking area you will pass through a barrier where you have to stop and take a ticket. Keep the ticket with you, as you must pay before retrieving your car again. You can pay at the automatic machines next to the car park. They accept euros and most credit cards up to a limit of €90.00. There is also a manned office where payments can be made.

Tip Once you have paid for your parking, you have 20 minutes to leave the car park. Drive to the exit barrier and insert your ticket into the machine.

Price guide in the P1 and P2 car parks

Less than 30 mins: €1.71
1 hour: €3.30
24 hours: €20.95

Prices for parking in the long stay car park are as follows:

Long stay parking price guide

From 0 minutes to 30 minutes per minute: €0.06
From 31 minutes to 60 minutes per minute: €0.06
From 61 minutes per minute: €0.05
Maximum daily rate up to 4 days: €20.95
Maximum daily rate from fifth day: €16.00

Car parking at each terminal at the airport

Car Park Car Parking Near To Madrid Airport T1

Car Park Car Parking Near To Madrid Airport T2

Car Park Car Parking Near To Madrid Airport T3

Car Park Car Parking Near To Madrid Airport T4

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