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Museum lazaro Galdiano
Approaching the Museum Lazaro Galdiano from Calle Serrano

The collection inside the museum belonged to Jose Lazaro Galdiano, who was a writer, editor and financier. He lived from 1862 - 1947, and in this time built up an extensive art collection. The museum was actually, at one time, his home. It is extremely grand, and stands 3 floors high. As well as looking at the paintings, I recommend you take a good look at the ceilings, as they are painted with beautiful murals.

There are 3 floors, each jam packed with silverware, jewellery, ceramics, furniture and even ivory trinkets. El Greco's works are here, as too are paintings by Gainsborough and Reynolds. You can see little known works of Goya, alongside the English painters, Constable and Turner, and 17th century works by Spanish artists like Velázquez, Ribera and Murillo.

Tip On the following festival days the museum is closed: 01 January, 06 January, Easter Thursday and Friday, 25 July, 15 August, 01 November, 06 December, 24 December and 25 December

Museum Lazaro Galdiano Shop Entrance
The Museum Lazaro Galdiano shop entrance

There's also an extensive library with hundreds of books about art (mostly in Spanish), and magazines published by Lazaro Galdiano.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 14:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

You'll find the obligatory museum shop of course, which mainly features copies of the art magazine 'Goya'.

The museum is surrounded by ornate gardens, that provide a picturesque setting for a few minutes stroll.

How To Travel To The Museum Lazaro Galdiano, Madrid

The Museum Lazaro Galdiano Gardens
The museum Lazaro Galdiano Gardens

It is only 5 minutes walk from the metro of Gregorio Manañón.
metroMetro: Gregorio Manañón (Orange Line, L7) or (Dark Blue Line, L10). As you emerge, look for the La Caixa building on your right, and also the Hotel Intercontinental. Keeping La Caixa to your right, cross the road and head straight ahead onto the road María de Molina. You'll know you're on this road if you check for roadsigns indicating that you're heading for the airport. All you have to do is walk straight for 200 metres until you hit Calle Serrano.

Tip You're looking for no. 122. Don't do what I did and trudge uphill. The numbers are not in a logical order. Head to your right (downhill), and the Museum Lazaro Galdiano is on the corner, on the left side of Calle Serrano.

If you're arriving from either of the following metro stations, Núñez de Balboa (Green Line, L5) or Rubén Darío (Green Line, L5) you should walk in the direction of the street of Calle Serrano, which crosses directly over the street you will emerge onto. It is a 10 minute walk to the museum. From Rubén Darío, cross over the bridge. From Núñez de Balboa, first pass the street Calle de Velázquez.

Museo Lázaro Galdiano
Calle de Serrano, 122
28006 Madrid, España.

Tel: +34 91 561 6084.
Official Lazaro Galdiano Madrid website

metroMetro: Gregorio Manañón (Orange Line, L7) or (Dark Blue Line, L10) Plus 5 minutes walk
Núñez de Balboa (Green Line, L5) Plus 10 minutes walk
Rubén Darío (Green Line, L5) Plus 10 minutes walk

Car parking

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Month Day Time
January - December Monday Closed
Tuesday - Sunday 09:30 - 15:00

Entry fee: €7.00
FREE entry on Sundays
Entry during all open days with the Madrid Card: Free

Disabled access: available

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