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Madrid Xanadu

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Xanadu Centre in Madrid
The entrance to Madrid Xanadu snowpark and shopping zone
If you like skiing or snow-boarding read on. This page tells you all about Madrid Xanadu park where you can ski, snowboard, eat and shop. There is an indoor ski slope and a commercial and leisure zone, which means plenty of good shops, and leisure activities like cinema, karting, mini-golf and a myriad of restaurants.

Madrid Xanadu Snow Park is not just a place to go and ski and snowboard. It is one of Europe's largest shopping centres, and it also includes a cinema, go-karting, mini-golf, and ten-pin bowling. As it's all undercover, it doesn't matter what the weather's doing, as the whole family will have a fantastic day out - there's so much to do.

How To Travel To The Madrid Xanadu Snow Park

Xanadu Centre Snow Park
Any one for Skiing? The Xanadu Centre Ski Centre

If you are using public transport, then you can take one of the buses mentioned at the top of the page. To get to the bus station at Príncipe Pío, you need to get on:
metroMetro: Príncipe Pío (Dark Blue Line, L10)
To get to the bus station at Méndez Alvaro:
metroMetro: Méndez Alvaro (Grey Line, L6, Circular).

If you are driving from the centre of Madrid, first get onto the M30 ringroad. Once on the M30, you should head for the A5, which is the road to Badajoz and Extremadura. Normally, the A5 can be accessed by taking junction (salida) 18 off the M30. On the A5, stick to the left lanes, as the road splits frequently. Stay on the A5 until you reach km 23.5, and you will see the Madrid Xanadu Park signposted quite clearly. Take either exit (salida) 22 or 25. There are 8,000 free parking spaces at the centre.

To drive to Madrid Xanadu takes about 30 minutes from the centre.

If I've Never Skied, Will I Be OK At Xanadu?

Relax in the Xanadu Centre Bar
The cosy bar next to the ski slope in Xanadu

The slope is designed to cater for every level from beginners to experts. It is covered in real snow, and stretches for 18,000 m2. There are even alpine trees.

The Xanadu Bar is divided into different areas of difficulty, and there's a ramp to practise jumps, and also a children's park. And there's no need to have to go climbing up the slope as there are ample ski-lifts.

Tip Wrap up warm. The temperature in the ski area is -2 degrees C.

Full ski kit is available for hire, and there is a 20% discount for families of 3 or more, but you must take your passport as a form of ID. To hire a kit for one person costs  for adults and  for children for 1 hour.

Ski Kit Hire
Per hour
Adults: €22.00
Children: €18.00

You could take lessons there. However there is no guarantee that the instructor will speak English, so it is best to call and check first on the follwoing number.
Tel: +34 91 648 2244

Lesson Prices (not including kit rental)
50 minutes: €36.00
2 hours: €72.00

Madrid Xanadu is open 365 days of the year. The centre has a large number of excellent restaurants and bars, offering food from practically every country you can think of. Near to the restaurant area, you will also find go-karting. The little ones get their own dedicated time.

Go-kart Prices (15+ years)
10 minutes: €16.00

Madrid Xanadú
Autovía A-5, salida 22
28939 Madrid, España.

Telephone: +34 91 648 2244 (Monday - Friday).
Official Xanadu Madrid website

metroMetro: No metro direct to the park
Bus: 496, 498, 524, 528( from Príncipe Pío), 529, 529A, 529H, 531, 531A, 536 (from Méndez Alvaro) and N45.

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Xanadu Snow Park

Timetable: Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 22:00
Saturday - Sunday: 08:30 - 22:00
Entry fee
Per hour
Adults: €22.00
Children: €19.00

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