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Part 1: Some Popular Bars in Madrid

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This page gives details about how to find bars in Madrid. There are also tips about what to wear, and insider information on what to drink, depending on where you are. You'll also see how to find each bar, and there's a rough guide to prices.

A typical 'terraza' in the Plaza Santa Ana
A typical 'terraza' in the Plaza Santa Ana

The Different Styles Of Bars in Madrid

Madrid has a big bar culture although the locals do not generally drink to excess and it is quite normal to eat tapas as you go. You'll find the nightlife includes plenty of bars with tapas. There are also many chill out bars that are popular on Sunday afternoons as well as at night. If you have a preferred taste in music, you're sure to be able to find a bar that caters to it. For example, there are many venues that host flamenco shows.

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Tip To avoid embarrassment, remember when looking for the bathroom, that 'm' is for 'mujeres' which is 'women' not 'men'. Men will either be 'caballeros' or 'hombres'.

What To Wear To When You Go Out At Night

People from Madrid like to look smart. The other extreme is the bohemian crowd, who tend to hang out in the district of La Latina.

metroMetro: La Latina (Green Line, L5)

Popular Drinks

At any time a small beer (caña) is fine. During the spring, in the daytime, you'll see people drinking tall glasses of 'tinto de verano' (red wine with a type of lemonade). As the heat increases drink 'horchata' (a drink from Valencia, served cold and made from tiger nuts, sugar and water) or 'granizado' (normally of lemon, a bit like a slush puppy). At night, red wine and cocktails are popular. Expect to pay about €6.00 for a cocktail and anything from €1.60 for a glass of wine.

Popular Bars In Madrid

Museo Chicote
Gran Vía, 12
28013 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Gran Via (Green Line, L5) Plus 5 minutes walk

The Museo Chicote bar
The Museo Chicote bar

This bar was voted the 'Best European Bar 2004' by MTV-Campari. They have an extensive cocktail list, and claim to have served drinks to many famous celebrities, including, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Lana Turner, Gary Cooper, Orson Welles, Yul Brynner and Ernest Hemingway. Today the celebrities still come, in the form of Catherine Zeta Jones, Hugh Grant and Tim Robbins.

They only serve drinks.

Opening hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 16:00 - 03:00
Friday: 16:00 - 03:30
Saturday: 13:00 - 03:30
Sunday: 13:00 - 03:00.

Areia Colonial Chillout
Calle Hortaleza, 92
28004 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Chueca (Green Line, L5) Plus 5 minutes walk

This bar is seriously cool. In the heart of Madrid's gay friendly zone of Chueca, it attracts a mixed crowd of cool people. Primarily it's a chill out bar and is decorated in sumptuous deep colours in a Moroccan style. It's dark and inviting, and the seating is a choice of cushions on the floor, traditional tables and chairs, or if you're lucky, you can grab the four poster bed at the back for you and your friends.

Personally, I don't feel there's any point trying to have a cheap night in this bar. A small beer costs way too much. You may as well plump for the cocktails like everyone else does as they're much better value for money. Try the mojitos, they are delicious. At the weekends after 23:00 you may have to queue to get in.

Tip If you visit the Plaza Santa Ana after about 22:00 be prepared for touts from various bars to approach you. They will ask you if you are planning to visit their particular bar and offer you tickets that will get you a free drink. They'll offer to accompany you to the bar. They're not dangerous, and if you aren't interested, a polite 'no thanks' will suffice.

Knowing Where To Go

There are chill out bars, tapas bars, bars with terraces and many more to choose from. The bohemian crowd head for La Latina area, and if you're looking for good tapas to accompany your drinks then try Plaza Santa Ana or Cava Baja. Remember that nightlife starts later in Spain, and that in Madrid, most people stay out until after dawn.

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