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Madrid Club Guide - Review Of 5 Popular Clubs in Madrid

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This page tells you all about the Madrid club scene. There are hundreds of clubs, and we've just listed 5 popular venues here. You'll also find out a little more about what kind of music to expect in each club, together with details on how to find them. You'll find links to their official web pages where available. Prices vary depending upon the night, so it's always best to check in advance on their web pages.

The Madrid Club Scene

The people of Madrid are known as 'gatos' meaning cats. They've earned this nickname because of their ability to literally stay out on the tiles all night. Many clubs don't close until 06:00, and even then everyone is still full of life. You'll find that nightlife starts later in Madrid, with most people heading to the bars at the earliest of 22:00 or 23:00. Clubs generally open at about midnight. If you go in any earlier you may find it quite empty.

The Palacio Gaviria is a popular club
The Palacio Gaviria is a popular club

If you're not used to partying all night, then be sure to pace yourself. The Spanish don't drink excessively, and you rarely see them staggering around in a drunken stupor. Remember also, that spirit measures are much larger (double of triple) than they are in most European countries.

The Madrid Club scene supplies music for every taste. The largest, flashiest venues tend to specialise in dance music and there are some excellent DJs playing. There's also a big gay community in Madrid, and consequently there are clubs to cater for this market as well.

Madrid gay club scene

Club clothing

The Spanish are well known for their style, and they always dress for the time of year. If it's cold outside, then they will cover up with winter coats. Once inside a dance club, you will see more scantily clad party-goers, but you'll never see anyone shivering in the street in a mini-skirt and tiny t-shirt during the winter months. There aren't too many dress code rules for entering clubs however, and my advice would be to look smart and steer away from trainers for the bigger clubs.

List of clubs in Madrid

We've been out dancing the night away in several of Madrid's most popular venues, and have put together a list of good clubs. There's also links to their web pages where available, so that you can check up to date entry prices and themed nights.

Palacio Gaviria
Calle Arenal, 9
28013 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Sol (Red Line, L2) Plus 2 minutes walk

This is a stunning club, still decorated as a lavish 16th century palace and sweeping marble staircase. There are several rooms to explore inside, including two dance floors with different music. There's a mix of Spanish pop, dance, R&B and other commercial sounds. The only problem you'll have is decided which dance floor you want to be on.

Tip On Thursday nights the Palacio Gaviria has special nights for foreigners. It's a good way to meet new people.

The famous club Joy Eslava
The famous club Joy Eslava

Joy Eslava
Calle Arenal, 11
28013 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Sol (Red Line, L2) Plus 2 minutes walk

Joy is a well known club across Europe, and it attracts at multi-national crowd. Its central location makes it easy to find, and it's popular with tourists as well as locals. It plays a mix of popular dance music.

Club: Teatro Barcelo
Street: Calle Barcelo, 11
metroMetro: Tribunal (Light Blue Line, L1) or (Dark Blue Line, L10) / Alonso Martinez (Brown Line, L4) or (Green Line, L5) or (Dark Blue Line, L10)
Opening nights: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: from 23:30 - 06:00.

This Madrid club is famous due to its sister clubs of the same name in cities around the world. You can find Pacha in locales as far and wide as Ibiza and Marrakesh. There are differing dance music styles from night to night. If you're looking for a night of glitz and glamour, this is the place to go.

Teatro Kapital
Atocha, 125
28012 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Anton Martin (Light Blue Line, L1) Plus 5 minutes walk

This is an enormous club with 7 floors, and 3 different forms of music playing simultaneously. There will definitely be something that you want to dance to.

El Sol
Calle Jardines, 3
28013 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Gran Via (Green Line, L5)
Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday: 22:00 - 05:30
Entry + drink: €12.00

A popular Madrid club with the 20 - 30 age group. It plays a mix of 70s, funk, and bossanova sounds. There's no special dress code, but people do tend to look cool as opposed to scruffy.

Madrid Club Practical Information

Madrid is famous for its nightlife and so if you have time, you should try at least one of the hundreds of clubs available. Many clubs don't operate a strict dress code, although you'd be wise to stay smart and skip on the trainers. Some of the bigger clubs have become famous across Europe, and offer 2 or even 3 dance floors, all playing different music, so you can be sure that you can find music to suit your tastes. The locals normally spend a couple of hours in bars socialising and warming up. To help you fit with the local scene you may want to read our Madrid bars guide.

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