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The Madrid Nightclub Scene

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This page contains a list of clubs that are popular on the Madrid nightclub scene. There's also directions to save you time in looking for each club, and we've described the type of music and dress you can expect to find in each club.

Staying Awake In Madrid

It's important to remember that a nightclub in Madrid won't get going until at least midnight, and most won't close until 06:00 or 07:00. People don't go out until at least 22:00 and even then, they will probably begin by eating tapas. It's this slow start to the night that helps them to stay awake all night and enjoy the Madrid nightclubs.

Nightclub Price Guide

The bigger and more commercial nightclubs will charge up to €15.00 for entry. This will usually include your first drink, which can be anything. If you want to get in cheaper, as a general rule you can do so if you go in before midnight, but be prepared for the club to be relatively empty. Smaller clubs may not even charge, or if they do it will be more like €5.00 to get through the door.


Tip Look out for promotional fliers that give you discounted or reduced entry into clubs. You can usually find them in funky clothes shops, bars or sometimes in tourist information centres and hotels. Shops and bars in the Chueca district contain a lot of fliers.

Popular Nightclub List

Below is a list of popular Madrid nightclubs. Where opening times vary, telephone numbers are given so you can check.

Isabel la Católica, 6
28013 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Santo Domingo (Red Line, L2)
Tel: +34 692 383 870

This nightclub is the epitome of its name. Its interior design makes you feel like you are back in the 70s. There's loud colours, prints and gorgeous mirrors. Cool is open between Thursday and Sunday, and plays house music. They have some nights that are aimed at a gay audience. There're right in the city centre, and easy to get to.

Gay clubs in Madrid

All You Need To Know About Madrid Nightclubs

There are lots of nightclubs to choose from. The most popular sound in the city is dance and house, but you can find clubs that play all types of music. Prices vary up to around €15.00 for entry, and a good tip is to look out for promotional fliers that will give you discounted entry.

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