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Easter Celebrations in Madrid

Outline to the festival that occurs at Easter in Madrid called Semana Santa. Read all about this festival and what it has to offer you.

Events in August in Madrid

Locals dress in traditional costumes and pay their respects to saints and virgins. Find the best area of the city to be so you can catch all the action and feel the party atmosphere.

Madrid Events Guide

Descriptions of the most exciting fiestas, and links to more in-depth reviews of each event. Dates of each fiesta along with what type of celebrations take place.

Bank Holidays in Madrid

Find out what's open e.g. shops, attractions, transport etc and best times to visit Madrid when a bank holiday is on. Includes a link to the list of bank holidays in Madrid.

San Isidro Fiesta in Madrid

Outline to a traditional San Isidro fiesta in Madrid and is a celebration of the Patron Saint of Madrid. The fiesta happens on 15 May and it's a chance to see the locals in traditional costumes.

The May Festival in Madrid

The 2 de May Festival in Madrid is a big celebration. Learn all about this festival and what it has to offer you.

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