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2 de Mayo

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The 2 de Mayo (02 May) Fiesta, is a fiesta celebrated by the community of Madrid in remembrance of their defeat over Napoleon's invasion in the 1800s. This page gives you information about where to find the heart of the festivities, which are infamous for being amongst the most exuberant of all the fiestas in Madrid.

Where To Go During The 2 De Mayo Fiesta

Head for the barrio(district) of Malasaña, and look for the Plaza 2 de Mayo. This square hosts the most impressive celebrations.

metroMetro: San Bernardo (Brown Line, L4) or; Tribunal (Dark Blue Line, L10) or (Light Blue Line, L1) Plus 10 minutes walk.

During the fiesta concerts are held, people dance on the streets and there are sports events. On the night of May 1st you can see an enormous fireworks display in the Jardines de las Vistillas (Vistillas Gardens).

metroMetro: Opera (Red Line, L2) or (Green Line, L5) Plus 15 minutes walk past the royal palace.

In the afternoon of 02 May you will usually see a military display in the Plaza de Oriente, which commemorates the victory of Madrid over the invasion of Napoleons troupes.

The fiesta of 2 de Mayo is a time when the city's residents show their pride at being Madrileños. There is a celebratory atmosphere, and anyone can join in.

For more information on what the city is like during holidays events please see our page on what to expect when there are holidays in Madrid.

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