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August Events in Madrid

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This page tells you about the August events in Madrid. It's a time when the locals dress in traditional costumes and pay their respects to saints and virgins. Find out some of the best areas of the city to be so you can catch all the action and feel the party atmosphere.

August Events Madrid: Decorating The Streets

In Spain each town or district usually has its own Saint or Virgin to whom the locals pay their respects. Each Saint or Virgin also has a day of celebration, when you can see hours of celebrations in the streets.

San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Paloma are the three holy figures that are worshipped in the centre of Madrid. This fiesta takes place during the first two weeks of August, although the locals will have been preparing since the previous October. You can find it in the areas of Lavapiés la Latina and las Vistillas.

metroMetro: La Latina (Green Line, L5) or Lavapies (Yellow Line, L3)

It's hard to miss as the streets will be decorated with flags, garlands and lights. There'll be processions during the day and the celebrations continue at night with concerts and music. You'll see the locals dancing their traditional dance over and over again. It's a fantastic time to see the centre of Madrid.

You'll find traditional Spanish food on sale by the roadside including Sangria, chocolate, sardines and churros (donut-like sticks).

August Events in Madrid

The celebration of holy figures is usually a good reason for a fiesta. In August the barrios of Lavapies, La Latina and Vistillas throw an excellent party. These areas are know all year round as being good places to go to enjoy the liveliest atmosphere in Madrid.

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