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Fiesta of San Isidro in Madrid

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The San Isidro fiesta is a celebration of the Patron Saint of Madrid, and therefore local to the city. It happens on 15 May and it's a chance to see the locals in traditional costumes. This page tells you about exactly what you can see during the San Isidro fiesta in Madrid.

During the San Isidro fiesta, costumes from the 19th century are worn, and you'll see lots of people out and about in the centre of Madrid in areas such as Sol.

metroMetro: Sol (Red Line, L2) (Light Blue Line, L1) (Yellow Line, L3)

Many of them will be heading for the chapel of the same name in order to pay their respects to their saint. Although, San Isidro wasn't always a saint - he worked most of his life on a farm.

On the Sunday nearest to 15 May, the army serve up traditional food for everyone in the Plaza Mayor. The food will usually be a typical Madrileño stew (made with tripe). As well as free food, you can enjoy many types of music, including folk, flamenco, pop and rock. These concerts will be centred around both the Plaza Mayor and the Vistillas gardens.

For the Plaza Mayor take the metro to Sol.
metroMetro: Sol (Red Line, L2) ( Light Blue Line, L1) (Yellow Line, L3) Plus 5 minutes walk.

For Vistillas Gardens take the metro to Opera.
metroMetro: Opera (Green Line, L5) (Red Line, L2) Plus 15 minutes walk past the Royal Palace.

Food During The San Isidro Fiesta

As well as the free stew in the Plaza Mayor, you'll also get the chance to sample barquillos (wafer-like desserts) and buñuelos (fried balls rather like donuts). The locals make a pilgrimage to the Saints Meadow, and drink from the fountain.

San Isidro is a fun fiesta with music, dance, costume and typical food available. It is traditional, and unique to Madrid.

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