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Real Madrid FC - Overview to One of Spain's Most Popular Football Clubs

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This page provides you with an index to the articles on Real Madrid FC. All you need to learn about one of Spain's most popular football teams.

Real Madrid FC Tour

Find out how to go on the Real Madrid Tour of the Stadium and museum

Real Madrid Tour

Real Madrid FC Museum

The museum has lots of written history about the team, and a wall full of photos as well as hundreds of trophies.

Real Madrid Museum

Real Madrid FC Tickets

How to book your Real Madrid Tickets

Football tickets

Real Madrid FC Fixtures

How to find out what fixtures are planned for Real Madrid.

Fixtures and match dates

Real Madrid Stadium

How To Travel To the Stadium, the stadium tours and other information on the Real Madrid FC stadium

Stadium guide

Real Madrid Apparel

Essential guide to buying genuine Real Madrid Apparel at the Real Madrid shop in Madrid, Spain. Tops, Kits and clothing and memorabilia.

Real Madrid Apparel

Real Madrid Jersey

Would you like to know where to find the Real Madrid jersey, or maybe which player is associated with which number? Find out about the nickname the team has been given thanks to their clothing, and where to see past versions of the Real Madrid jersey. There are also useful links to the official Real Madrid website.

Real Madrid Jersey

Real Madrid Shop

How to find them, what you can buy there and what to expect for buying from the official Real Madrid Shop

Real Madrid Shop Article

Real Madrid Soccer Matches

You can also find out when the soccer matches are, and where you can buy tickets. There is also a description of How To Travel To the stadium and details of how to join the Madrid fanclub so that you can benefit from discounts on Real Madrid soccer matches.

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