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Bargain Holiday To Madrid

Step by step guidance on how to plan a bargain holiday to Madrid. Learn how to arrange everything from flight to accommodation for a 2 people for a weekend for less than €350.00.

Madrid Card - Discount and Savings Card

How to keep more money in your pocket with the Madrid Card. Learn how the Madrid card will save you money, how much it costs and what saving you'll make when using this card.

Madrid City Break

Planning a European city Break. This page compares a Madrid city break against a City Break in Paris, Rome, London or Prague to help you weigh up the pros and cons of a visit to Madrid, Spain.

Madrid Money

Currency converter to convert your home currency into European Euros - the currency used in Madrid

Madrid Safety Guide

Safety tips when visiting Madrid. What to look out for and steps to ensure you have a safe trip to Madrid. 10 safety guidelines will help you to know what to do to enjoy a safe journey to the city.

Madrid Weekend Break

Madrid Weekend break itineraries for families, couples, lads and girls weekends away. Develop your own schedule quickly and easily with our guide to your weekend in Madrid.

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