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How To Plan A Bargain Holiday To Madrid For Less Than €350.00

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Here you can find information to help you plan a bargain holiday to Madrid. There's lots of money saving tips so that you can put together a cheap weekend break for under €350.00. Madrid has lots to do, and you can benefit from the fact that it is one of Europe's best value for money cities. See the ideas below for information about how and where to get hold of discounts on attractions and cheap accommodation.

Use The Madrid Card

If you're coming to Madrid to visit attractions like museums and theme parks, then this is the card to get. The key to a bargain holiday to Madrid is to pick up the Madrid Card. This is available from the tourist information office in the Plaza Mayor. The card gives you discounts or free entry at 40 museums, attractions including:

Faunia nature park
Real Madrid stadium tour

You can buy a card that lasts for either 1,2 or 3 days depending on your stay, and it comes with two handy pocket sized guide books that give details of the places you can go to obtain your discounts. I'd make sure you plan your time well before you use the card for the first time because the clock starts ticking the minute you use it.

Tip If you're buying the Madrid Card in the tourist information centre then make sure you take a credit card with you as they don't accept cash. If you want to buy it with cash, the tourist information can tell you of other places to get hold of it.

The Madrid Card Costs

3-day pass: €67.00
2-day pass: €60.00
1-day pass: €47.00

Madrid Card

Budget so far: €104.00 (for two people)

Finding A Budget Airline

One of the best way to cut costs and enjoy a bargain holiday to Madrid is to get a cheap flight to Madrid, therefore try looking for a budget airline. There are more and more routes opening up. Here are some of the airlines that currently offer the best value flights.

Iberia, the Spanish airline, offer some good value flights to Madrid from Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham and Glasgow. Some of their flights stop in Barcelona, so unless this is what you want, be sure to check that the flight is direct.

Iberia website

British airways website

KLM website

Vueling are a recently established airline, and they have some excellent bargains to Madrid from European cities such as Rome or Paris.

Vueling website

Airlines that offer cheap flights to Madrid

I've seen flights as cheap as €55.00 return from London Heathrow to Madrid with these airlines.

Budget so far for 2 people: €104.00 + €50.00 + €110.00 = €264.00

Getting Hold Of Cheap Accommodation

A hostal in Madrid
Hostals in Madrid provide a cheap means of accommodation

There are some excellent value and centrally located hostals in Madrid. You can get hold of a modern, clean room with its own bathroom for €50.00 a night.

Budget so far for 2 people: €104.00 + €50.00 + €110.00 + €50.00 = €314.00

Eating On A Budget

If you've taken note of some of the ideas I've put together to help you find a bargain holiday to Madrid, for under €350.00, then you should have some funds left over for a bit of dining out.

Tip For the cheapest food shopping if you are staying self-catering, try local markets for fresh produce. If you are eating out you can head for the many 'Cervezarias' (literally 'beer houses' although they serve other drinks too), as they will usually give you a free tapa with your drink.

Otherwise, at lunch time, look for restaurants offering the 'Menu del Dia' (Menu of the Day). Which consists of three courses and wine, and you can find it for as little as €8.00.

There Are Lots Of Ways To Enjoy A Bargain Holiday To Madrid

The tips on this page will help you to enjoy a bargain holiday in Madrid for 2 people for under 350 for the weekend. There's information here that tells you how to get discounted entry into attractions, and the cheapest ways to travel about the city. There are many types of cheap accommodation if you want to save money. Youth hostels, which offer cheap beds.

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