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Spanish Courses In Madrid

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You will learn on this page why Madrid is a good city to choose to learn Spanish. There's also useful information about which part of the city to opt for and information about the different types of courses available.

Practicing your Spanish is easy in Madrid

The people in Madrid speak Castilian Spanish. This is the form of Spanish that is commonly taught in schools throughout Spain.

Languages spoken in Spain.

Living as a student in Madrid

Madrid is bursting with students, and there are many different nationalities. It is an excellent place to meet people and for a capital city, it's reasonably priced (you can still get a 'Menu del dia' 3 course meal in the centre for €8.00) and I think that students here enjoy an excellent standard of living because the general cost of living is quite cheap, meaning that even students can afford to eat out.

The benefit of being in Madrid

Living in Madrid gives you excellent transport links to the rest of Spain, by train, flight or coach. If you have free time during your studies, it will be easy to travel and visit other cities in Spain and get more from your time there.

Spanish courses in Madrid. Course types

You can study as little or as much as you like. To give you an idea, here is a breakdown of the types of course generally offered:

Intensive (15 hours per week) 3 hours of classes daily.

Semi-intensive (7.5 hours per week) 1½ hours of classes daily.

Two days a week (3 hours per week) two classes of 1½ hours each

One to one courses. These are tailor made to your personal requirements.

Some courses are 15 or 20 lessons a week. A typical timetable may be from 10:00 - 13:00 or from 10:00 - 14:00, Monday - Friday.

It's a good idea to leave time for exploring the city, as this will help you understand more about the culture and people, which is all part of learning Spanish. Many schools also offer Spanish courses for businesses.

Additional activities offered by Spanish schools

Many schools provide some sort of extra-curricular activities. They will teach you about Spanish culture (literature, cinema, photography, etc.) and take you on cultural activities which are also open to the Spanish public.

Tip Be sure to check which activities are included in the price of the course and for which you have to pay extra.

Activities that are included in the price of Spanish courses in Madrid, are likely to be exhibitions, video forum sessions, conferences, musical activities, films and documentaries, guided tours in Madrid, parties with Spanish people, tapas trips, Spanish cuisine, and Madrid by night. But do check.

Some schools offer paid for extras like Spanish and Latin American dance classes, cultural and ecological tours, and even trips to other cities.

Where to study?

There are a large amount of language schools right in the centre of Madrid. (Around Puerta del Sol and Gran Via). This is for a good reason. You have everything on your doorstep. As soon as you've finished class you can get out there and practise. Transport to the centre is excellent, and if you need to pick up some extra study materials, it's easy to find book shops and stationary stores.

Plus, you will be able to benefit from the many 'intercambio' (exchange) evenings that take place in the bars. This is where people of different nationalities meet to practise Spanish over drinks.

Otherwise, look around the west of the city in the areas of Argüelles and Moncloa. This is where the universities are, and so you will be surrounded by fellow students, and bars, shops and restaurants priced accordingly.

The Cost Of Studying Spanish In Madrid

You will usually have to pay a deposit, and then the price is based on the number of hours you study.

Deposit: €55.00

Price of Spanish courses in Madrid.

Taking one of the Spanish courses in Madrid will give you lots of opportunities to learn the language both in and out of the classroom. Madrid has a lot to offer students, as the cost of living is not too high. Courses available in Madrid are flexible and you can choose to study as many or as few hours as you wish. To help you find somewhere to stay in Madrid whilst you are studying. See our page on budget accommodation in Madrid.

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