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The Guided Tour - The Madrid Of Cervantes

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Plaza De La Villa
The Beautiful Plaza De La Villa

On this page you can find out about an exciting Madrid guided tour, of an area of the centre that is rich in history and focuses in the time period of the famous writer Cervantes which is a wonderful theme for this Madrid walking tour.

I've walked the tour myself and will tell you exactly how long it takes, where it goes, the price and the main points of interest along the route. You will also find where to buy tickets for the guided walking tour, and How To Travel To its starting location. Taking a Madrid guided tour is an excellent way to help orientate yourself when you arrive in the city.

You can ask for the tour in English or Spanish. It starts from the main tourist office in the Plaza Mayor, and is priced at €3.90 for adults. The guide is a mine of information, and ours took us around one of the most picturesque barrios (districts) in the centre of Madrid, known as Las Letras (literally, 'the words'). This Madrid tour focuses on the time of the famous writer Cervantes. You will walk the streets of an area, that at one time was frequented by famous composers, writers, comics and poets.

It would be so easy to walk through Las Letras without realising the important people who have lived here, and I can recommend listening closely to the tour guide, who is full of titbits of intriguing information. Our guide was excellent at pointing out tiny little tucked away shops, galleries and restaurants as well as telling us entertaining historical stories.

Madrid Guided Tour - Madrid Of Cervantes Itinerary

San Sebastian Church
Inside the church of San Sebastian

Your first stop is at the church of San Sebastian. You'll learn how the original church was bombed in the Civil War, and the importance of some of the documents that were saved. The church was the centre of the barrio of Las Letras in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Next, you'll wander down the streets of the area known as Las Huertas. This area is well known for its nightlife, but taking the Madrid guided tour offers you an insight into its history. You will see the house that the famous author Cervantes lived in, and learn all about Madrid's Golden Era.

Tip Look out for the golden writing embedded into the pavement. These are the words of the famous writers that once lived in Las Huertas.

Theatre In The Plaza Santa Ana
The Theatre in The Plaza Santa Ana

There's plenty more to see, including an old palace, and 'speakers corner' where literary folk used to gather - but eventually you'll emerge onto the Plaza Santa Ana, which is a thriving centre of nightlife and tapas bars during the hours of darkness. It is also home to a theatre that is the last building on the tour on this Madrid guided tour. Opposite the theatre is a statue of the famous poet Lorca, who actually didn't live in this barrio, but your guide will explain why the statue is here.

Madrid Guided Tour - How To book 'Madrid Of Cervantes'

Tickets are available from the tourist office in the Plaza Mayor. To get there, take the metro.

metroMetro: Opera (Green Line, L5), (Red Line, L2) 10 minutes walk. Follow the brown signs for Plaza Mayor.

You can purchase your ticket on the day of the tour, as the office opens from 09:30. The entire Madrid city tour takes about one and a half hours.

Madrid Guided Tour
Centro de Turismo Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor, 27
28012 Madrid, España.

Telephone: +34 91 578 7810
Official website for the Madrid tourist information service

metroMetro: Sol (Red Line, L2), (Light Blue Line, L1), (Yellow Line, L3) plus 5 minutes walk; or
metroMetro: Opera (Green Line, L5), (Red Line, L2) 10 minutes walk

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Centro de Turismo Plaza Mayor

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 09:30 - 20:30

Admission fee:
Adults: €3.90
Children below 7: Free

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