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Car Hire Madrid

Guide includes tips on how and when to rent a car in Madrid. Find names of companies and booking instructions

Car Parking Madrid

Learn where are some of the best places to park your car and how much it costs. Tips on safety are also included if you're bringing a foreign plated car into Madrid.

Disabled Access Madrid

Finding your way around Madrid if you're disabled or have limited mobility. Includes transport options and ways to get around Madrid city.

Disabled Access Metro Transport in Madrid

List of Metro (underground, subway) stations offering specialist access for the disabled. Metro transportation guide for the disabled or those with limited mobility.

Madrid Bus System

Essential guide to the Madrid bus system network system. Includes tickets, bus station locations, destinations and advantages of using the Madrid bus service.

Madrid Metro Guide

Guide to the Madrid metro underground system. Includes how to arrange your tickets or whether to use a travel pass, details on how to purchase your tickets and how to navigate the Madrid Metro subway system.

Madrid Spain Transport

Essential Guide To Madrid Spain Transport System. Overview to the main transport options in Madrid including metro, bus, train, taxis and walking.

Madrid Taxi Service

Madrid taxi service including Taxi fares, how to reserve a taxi, supplements, and Taxi firms contact details from where you can hire a taxi from.

Madrid to Barcelona Train

Arranging a journey on the Madrid to Barcelona Train service. Includes details on high velocity train and overnight train services. Where to catch the train, journey and ticket prices, where to buy your tickets, facilities on the train and journey times

Madrid Transport Guide

Links to in-depth articles covering every form of transport in Madrid including metro taxis, buses, trains, and transport access for the disabled.

Transport in Madrid

How to find timetables for transport in Madrid. Links to the official madrid transport companies are given along with links to in-depth articles on transport in Madrid.

High Speed Train from Madrid to Valencia

Madrid to Valencia high speed train, a guide. Prices, booking, tickets, timetable, location and routes for AVE high velocity train from Madrid to Valencia

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