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Car Hire In Madrid - The Pro's And Cons

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This page explains how to organise a car hire in Madrid, and it weighs up the pros and cons of driving around the city. If you haven't been to Madrid before, then you'll benefit from reading on to find out when it's a good idea to rent a car and when there may be a better alternative. Car hire in Madrid is beneficial if you are on business, or have mobility difficulties. This advice is based on first-hand experience, and could save you a lot of problems later on.

There are companies that offer car hire in Madrid. However, I would recommend that it is not necessary to bother with car hire if you only plan to stay in the centre of the city. Not only is parking somewhat problematic, but you can get to most of the sights using either the metro or bus. To see more detailed information about the metro system.

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But I Have To Have Car Hire In Madrid.

OK, so you may need to rent a car in Madrid if you have business arrangements, or special requirements. It is also a good idea to go for the car hire option if you are staying outside of the city centre. Especially if you are in a hotel with parking facilities.

All the main companies that you will be familiar with offer car hire in Madrid. Here is a list of their central office numbers:

+34 91 749 7773

+34 91 275 0995

+34 90 210 3739

+34 91 150 5000

Travelling Out Of The City With A Hired Car

Hiring a car in Madrid does have its advantages if you want to explore the community of Madrid. There is some stunning scenery within an easy hours drive, as Madrid is surrounded by mountains. One of the main attractions to the west of the city is El Escorial. A huge palace set at the foot of pine clad hills and containing many works of art.

Alternatively you could head north of Madrid towards the many lakes, and explore some of the villages that are off the beaten track.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Car In Madrid

Renting a car hire in Madrid is recommended if you are here on business, have special needs or if you want to make day trips from Madrid. However it is not recommended if you are here as a tourist due to the difficulty in parking and making your way around busy roads. It's much easier to travel via the excellent public transport system that offers a cheap and low cost way to see the city.

See our pages on the the transport in Madrid and the Madrid taxi service.

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