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Guide To Car Parking In Madrid

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Car parking in Madrid can be a challenge due to the fact that most of the spaces on the street tend to be taken. I've used my experience of parking in Madrid to compile this page which tells you what to expect in terms of prices and parking availability. After you've read it, you'll know enough to make up your mind if you want to drive around Madrid. You'll also see here details of where to find official car parks and an explanation of the parking zones in the city.

Does Your Car Take You To Places That Public Transport Doesn't?

It is often quicker to travel around Madrid using public transport. I have a car here, and I only use it once a week when I am leaving the city. Otherwise, it is cheaper, less stressful, and quicker to take the metro, bus or taxi. These forms of transport can often get you closer to your destination than your car can, and you won't have to spend time looking for a parking space.

Foreign Plates

Having foreign plates makes you stand out. Both to thieves, and the police. A friend of mine was questioned by the police because she had foreign plates. If the car is staying in Spain, legally, it must be imported, so police are keen to know about the length of your stay and to check your paperwork if you don't have Spanish plates.

To be on the safe side keep windows wound up and doors locked while stopped at traffic lights, and don't keep any valuable items on display. When you park, try and find a car park. Although there is no guarantee from the car park that your car will be safe, it is more likely to be so, as there is usually a person seated on reception all night, and the official car parks have cameras.

Is there a park and ride in Madrid?

As of yet there is no 'park and ride' service in Madrid.

Car Parking At The Atocha Station

Parking at Atocha station is a good idea because you are just 5 minutes walk from the Reina Sofia museum, and 10 - 15 minutes from the Prado and the Thyssem-Bornemisza museums. There's a metro stop there and it'll be easy to remember where you left your car.

Reserve your car parking at Atocha Train Station

Price: P1 Parking Lots

Time Price (In Euros)
From 1 to 30 minutes €0.06 per minute
From 31 minutes €0.075 per minute
The first hour €4.05
After the first hour until 8:35 hours €8.55 every hour
Maximum per day from 8:35 hours €38.30

Price: P2 Parking Lots

Time Price (In Euros)
From 1 to 15 minutes Free
From 16 to 30 minutes €0.056 per minute
From 31 minutes €0.071 per minute
The first hour €3.80
After the first hour until 8:35 hours €4.20 every hour
Maximum per day from 8:35 hours €36.15

Price: Parking P3 (A and B) Parking Lots

Time Price (In Euros)
From 1 to 15 minutes Free
From 16 to 30 minutes €0.050 per minute
From 31 minutes €0.063 per minute
The first hour €3.40
After the first hour until 8:35 hours €7.20 every hour
Maximum per day from 8:35 hours €32.10

Price: P4 Parking Lots

Time Price (In Euros)
From 1 to 15 minutes Free
From 16 to 20 minutes €0.045 per minute
From 21 to 30 minutes €0.090 per minute
From 31 minutes to 1 hour €0.10 per minute
The first hour €4.95
After the first hour until 6:17 hours €11.30 every hour
Maximum per day from 6:17 hours €38.30

From here you can take the metro.

metroMetro: Atocha or Atocha Renfe (Light Blue Line, L1)

Car Parking At The Chamartin Station

If you're in the north of Madrid, park in Chamartin station. Again, it will be easy to remember where you've left the car. The metro runs from here.

Chamartin Station Parking Fees
1 hour: €3.10
10 hours: €28.10

metroMetro: Chamartin (Dark Blue Line, L10)

Car Parking Near To Chamartín Station:

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
Centro Norte Calle Agustín de Foxá, 27 190 m
Intercambiador Plaza de Castilla San Aquilino, 2 270 m
EMT Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo Hiedra, 26 710 m

Tip If you park in any of the underground carparks in the centre, make a note of where you are, and what landmarks there are as you exit. It's easy to forget where you've left the car.

How to find a parking near to your chosen location in Madrid city centre

We have created guides to car parking near the most popular locations in Madrid for tourists. Choose from the links below for detailed information on specific parking facilities next to the landmark you are interested in.

Parking near famous Madrid attractions
Parking near hotelsParking near popular shopping centres
Parking at stations and transport hubs

Parking At Madrid Airport

Long term and short term parking is available.
Click here to see more detailed information on car parking in Madrid and tariffs

Parking In The Suburbs

You could try your own form of 'park and ride' and park on the outskirts of Madrid in a more suburban area. From there you could take the metro, and not have to worry about paying to park. As a rough guide, to travel 5 metro stops will take you between 10 to 20 minutes during the day. Longer at night when trains are less frequent.

If Your Car Is Impounded In Madrid

The 'Grua' (tow truck) will take your car away, and you will have to go to collect, and pay a fine. The size of the fine will vary depending on the size of the car, the area it was parked, and how long it has been impounded. There will also be an additional charge for every hour that passes.

Impounded Car Fine
Minimum: €147.55
Additional charge for every hour: €1.85

If you are the driver of the car in order to get it back you have to present your driving licence and the documents for the vehicle.

There are various impound stations in Madrid. To know where to go you will have to call the police. The national number for this is 092.

There's also a general number for the impound centres that you can ring from Monday to Sunday.
Tel: +34 91 406 8810

Once you find out which pound your car is in, you must make your way there. The car pounds in Madrid are listed below along with the easiest way to get there:

Plaza Jardines del Descubrimiento
28004 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Colon (Brown Line, L4); Serrano (Brown Line, L4)

Paseo Imperial
Santa María la Real de Nieva
28005 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Puerta de Toledo (Green Line, L5)

Velázquez, 87
28006 Madrid, España.
metroMetro: Nuñez de Bilbao (Green Line, L5)

Mediodía II
Camino de la China
28031 Madrid, España.
Bus: No. 88

Tip Always keep the car papers with you.

Car Parking Madrid: Zones And Metres

There are painted lines on the side of the road where parking is available. Blue dotted lines mean that you can park, but you must pay at the metre. In these zones you can usually have a maximum period of an hour and a half before you have to pay for a new ticket.

You will also come across green dotted lines. This is car parking Madrid puts aside for permit holders only.

During Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday parking rules in some of the less busy zoned areas are relaxed. But to be sure you must read the instructions on the parking metre.

There are hundreds of underground car parks. The prices are as follows.

Car Parking Fees
24 hour: €32.51
Up to 30 minutes: €0.04
From 31 to 90 minutes: €0.03
From 91 to 660 minutes: €0.05

Tel: +34 91 831 2315

What You Need To Know About Car Parking In Madrid

This page has explained about the different parking zones that you will find in Madrid. You have also seen here important information telling you what to do in case your car is impounded. There's a guide to several car parks in the city, and the prices that you will pay to park in them. There's also advice to help you decide if it is worth bringing a car to Madrid. Business people or the disabled may find it necessary, but otherwise you might consider using public transport within the city.

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