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High Speed Train from Madrid to Valencia: Guide to the AVE Train in Spain

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If you are on holiday in Madrid, you may decide that you would like a trip away to another part of Spain. Despite the long-distance, you can take a journey from Madrid to Valencia in 1 hour and 35 minutes. The high-velocity train line makes it possible to enjoy a day trip or an overnight stay in a different part of the country.

This page will provide you with a guide to taking the high-speed train from Madrid to Valencia. You will find a link to a full overview of the train system and what to expect, advice on buying tickets, timetable information and details on train routes.

For a general guide to the relevant AVE train station in Madrid, Madrid Atocha, with information on station location, opening times, parking, lounges, places to eat and customer services, see our Guide to train station in Madrid.

This page deals with two train stations. However, you should focus on the information provided in relation to Madrid Atocha train station.

High velocity train overview

For an overview to the high speed train service between Madrid and Valencia, see our Guide to the AVE train from Valencia to Madrid page.

Here you will find information on the luggage allowance, services that are available onboard the train and what it is like to take a journey on a high speed train across Spain.

AVE train tickets

  • Telephone: You can call the Renfe ticket line (you can find the number below) to book your tickets. You can ask to speak to somebody in a language that you understand. When you booked your tickets you will get a confirmation e-mail. In the confirmation e-mail there will be a code. You can use this number when you get to the station to print out your tickets at machines that you will find at Madrid Atocha station.

    Tel (Renfe ticket line): +34 91 232 0320

  • Internet: Go to the Official Renfe trains page that is dedicated to the AVE train from Madrid to Valencia. Here you can click on the option called 'Ticket Purchase' and head to the page where you can make card purchases online.
  • At the station: When you get to Madrid Atocha Station you can purchase your tickets at the long distance ticket booths. For a guide to what to expect at Madrid Atocha station, with information on how the long distance ticket booths work, see our Guide to the Madrid to Barcelona High Speed Train page. This page is about a different AVE train service, however the same rules apply.

Timetable for the high speed train

The service for the high velocity train from Madrid to Valencia runs on a regular basis. You will find that there is at least one train an hour. There can be up to three trains per hour at the busiest times of the day.

To check the full AVE train timetable you should head to the Official Renfe train website timetables page. Key in the information on the days and times that you would like to travel and you will be able to find out what trains are available.

Train route for the AVE from Madrid to Valencia

  • Madrid Puerta de Atocha
  • Cuenca Fernando Zobel
  • Requena/Utiel
  • Valencia Joaquin Sorolla

Location of the AVE train station in Madrid

Madrid Atocha Train Station
Plaza de Emperador Carlos V
28014 Madrid, España.

MetroMetro: Atocha (Light Blue Line, Line 1)

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Atocha Train Station

For details of the train station, including opening times and contact details, see our Guide to the trains from Madrid to Barcelona. Check the section about the train station and you will find all of the information that you need to know about Atocha train station.

A train that can take you from Madrid to Valencia in under two hours offers a good reason to travel during your trip to Madrid. If you fancy taking the journey, be sure to plan in advance - it is often difficult to get same day tickets for high speed trains as tickets often sell out. Once you have your tickets sorted you can look forward to a relaxing journey on a comfortable and well-serviced train.

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