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Essential Guide To Madrid Spain Transport

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On this page you can see at a glance the different types of Madrid Spain transport options. You will learn about the pro's and cons of each form of transport along with prices, discount tickets and links to official transport websites for up to date timetables.

Madrid Spain Transport Options

Metro Station Entrances in Madrid Look Like This
Metro Station Entrances Look Like This

There are 5 main ways of travelling around the centre of Madrid. The public transport system is excellent, and I would highly recommend using it.

metroMetro: (subway, tube, or underground)

In my opinion, Madrid Spain transport doesn't get much better than the metro. During daylight hours you won't have to wait more than 5 minutes for a train. From about 19:00 onwards trains are slightly less frequent, but even then the wait is a maximum of 30 minutes.

Madrid Metro
Operating hours: 06:05 - 01:30

The metro is a clean, safe and efficient service that is easy to navigate. The coaches are air-conditioned, and spacious. Many also have seating reserved for the elderly and disabled. The metro is cheap. The cheapest option, is to buy a 10 journey 'metrobus' ticket that you can also use on the bus.

Single ticket: €1.50
Metrobús ticket: €12.20

To see more detailed information about the Madrid Metro.

To see up to date information regarding timetables and any works on any of the lines, see the official Madrid metro website for more information.

Madrid Taxi Service

Official Madrid Taxis are white with a red stripe
Official Taxis Are White With a Red Stripe

Tel: +34 91 405 1213

There are other 24 hour. taxi companies recommended by the tourist information service:

Radio taxi: +34 91 447 3232 / +34 91 447 5180

Tele taxi: +34 91 371 2131 / +34 90 250 1130

You can take a taxi during the night time when the metro doesn't run. Especially if you aren't familiar with your surroundings. Official Madrid Spain transport taxis are white with a red stripe, and can be either stopped in the street, or you can wait at a taxi rank for one. The taxi ranks are indicated by a blue sign that contains a white letter 'T'.

The taxi will display a green light when it is available. The charge for setting the metre going is , and after that it's  a kilometre in the city centre between .

Taxi Fares
Charge for setting the metre going: €2.50
Per kilometre: €1.30
Between: 07:00 - 21:00

Taxis for the disabled are available. You can call Euro-Taxi on the following numbers.
Tel: +34 91 547 8200
Twenty four hours a day.

Car Hire

Another Madrid Spain transport option is to hire a car. Although it is convenient to be in control of your own timetable, and not have to worry about missing buses or trains - I'd advise only hiring a car if you need to travel out of the centre. Parking is not easy in Madrid, and neither is navigating. Even if you have a good map, you will find that many road works will take you diversions that can be confusing.

Hiring a car in Madrid

Public Buses

This is another clean, cheap and efficient means of Madrid Spain transport. You can buy a 10 journey 'metrobus' ticket that is usable on both the metro and the bus. The EMT buses are red. Once you're on the bus, just punch your ticket in the machine. There is also a bus service that runs at night, but unless you can recognise where you need to get off, I would recommend taking a taxi for night time trips.

Metrobús ticket: €12.20

EMT Buses
Operating hours: 06:00 - 23:30

Walking Around Madrid

The main centre of Madrid is not really that big, and it is, in my experience, quite safe to walk around. Most points of interest are shown on special brown pedestrian signs with a picture of a walking man on them. As long as it's not too hot, it's nice to walk around as that way you can get your bearings better, and see some lovely sights en route.

There are lots of Madrid Spain transport options including walking. The city is easy to get around on foot. But you can also choose from regular metro trains and buses. The city transport is quite cheap and there are options for disabled people too.

The Good Points About Madrid Spain Transport

Travelling around Madrid is easiest on public transport. This page provides you with information about the bus and metro systems - how frequently they run and what it costs. Taxis in Madrid are also plentiful and good value. You can see on this page some contact details for official taxis.

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