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Essential Guide To The Madrid Taxi Service

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This page will tell you how to calculate fares, where to expect supplements, and how much you can squash into a Madrid taxi. There are also some taxi numbers provided for you, and information about how to complain - should you need to. There is also information about taxis for disabled travellers.

Madrid Taxi Tariffs

There is an obligatory minimum fare from when the meter is switched on. There are 2 rates of pay, depending on whether or not you are travelling during peak or off-peak times. Weekdays the metre should indicate 'fare 1' or 'fare 2'. During fiesta days the fare should be number 3.

Taxi Fares
Charge for setting the metre going: €2.50
Fare 1: 07:00 - 21:00
Fare 2: 21:00 - 07:00

Can I Pay For My Madrid Taxi By Credit Card?

A few taxis accept cards, but this is the exception rather than the rule. It is advisable to carry enough cash handy.

Supplements To Pay In A Madrid Taxi

Any journey beginning from a taxi rank at a bus station, railway station or approach road to either will incur a supplement.

Madrid Taxi Fares
Transport station supplement: €7.50

You will have to pay this supplement if you get your taxi from a taxi zone displaying the sign 'supplemento autorizado'. The sign is displayed on a plaque at the taxi rank, similar to a road sign.

If you are travelling to or from Madrid's exhibition fair site, the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA), you will pay a 'supplemento autorizado' supplement.

'Supplemento autorizado' supplement: €7.50

Journeys on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve that end between 21:00 and 06:00 (Boxing Day or New Years Day) mean that you have to pay an additional supplement. This is on top of the supplements already mentioned.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve supplement: €6.70

There is no supplement for luggage, pets or wheelchairs.

The charge for each kilometre in an official Madrid taxi is as follows:

Each kilometre covered in Tariff 1 (zone A Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 21:00 and Saturday between 06:00 and 15:00): €1.30

Each kilometre covered in Tariff 2 (zone A Monday to Friday between 21:00 and 06:00 and Saturday between 15:00 and 06:00): €1.50

Each kilometre covered in Tariff 3 (zone B Monday to Friday between 21:00 and 06:00 and Saturday between 15:00 and 06:00): €1.30

Each hour at a low speed below the following during the day (06:00 - 21:00):

18.50 Km/h for Tariff 1
15.81 Km/h for Tariff 2
15.42 Km/h for Tariff 3

Rate per hour: €23.75

Each hour at a low speed below the following during the night (21:00 - 06:00):

17.09 Km/h for Tariff 2
16.67 Km/h for Tariff 3

Rate per hour: €27.00

The official Madrid taxi is white with a red diagonal stripe across the front door, and if the taxi is free it will display a green light on the roof. The 'fare' number of either 1 or 2 will be shown next to this light.

Official Complaint Procedure For Madrid Taxis

To make a complaint you have to get a receipt from the driver. He is legally obligated to give you a receipt if you ask. You also have to write down his ID number, or NIF (Tax identification number) , and the official taxi number which is shown on the dashboard. Take note as well of the number plate, the date and the journey taken. There is an official form to fill in that you can get from the tourist information office. You must then submit your complaint to Oficina Municipal del Taxi.

Department of Madrid City Council Taxis
Tel: +34 91 529 8210

Madrid Taxi For The Disabled

If you want a taxi and you have limited mobility, or, if you have more than 4 bags, then you can call the larger, Eurotaxi's.

They are available 24 hrs a day on the following number.
Tel: +34 91 547 8200

Other Madrid Taxis

Many other companies also operate taxis. You should be aware that in these companies generally start the taxi metre from the point where the taxi driver is when they receive your call.

Radio-Taxi Asociación Gremial: +34 91 447 3232 / +34 91 447 5180
Radio-Taxi Independiente: +34 91 405 1213
Radio Teléfono Taxi / Euro Taxi: +34 91 547 8200
Teletaxi: +34 91 371 2131 / +34 90 250 1130

A Madrid taxi can hold luggage in the boot and they also have roof rack facilities. This means that each taxi can comfortably carry 4 people each with a suitcase, if they use a roof rack. If not, they'll take 4 people, 2 medium sized cases and hand baggage. The standard sized taxi will take 4 passengers. If you require a larger taxi there are some out and about, but if you know in advance I advise you to phone and book. Your hotel will also provide the service of booking a taxi for you.

Madrid taxis are a convenient way to get around, and they save you the trouble and stress of getting lost in a unknown busy city. Be sure to always check that the driver has started the metre, and that it is set to the right rate. The driver must be able to justify all additional supplements.

This page has information about taxi prices, details of where to find a taxi and contact telephone numbers. It's also a useful guide to help you with calculating tariffs. You can also check before you arrive in Madrid, how much luggage you can fit into a regular taxi. The pricing system may seem complicated, but this page helps to break it down. You can also pick up a leaflet about taxi tarrifs at the airport.

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