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This page has links to all our Madrid transport articles. Every aspect of travel around Madrid is covered, from travel on the metro, to buses and taxis. You'll also find information on getting from the airport to the city centre. If you want to travel from Madrid to Barcelona, then here is information about both the train and flights. We've also provided links to articles about transport to other destinations in Europe from Madrid, and links to official transport websites and travel tips for the disabled.

Overview To Madrid Transport System

Different types of Madrid transport options. There's first-hand information about the pro's and cons of each form of transport. You can find details of prices, discount tickets and links to official transport websites for up to date timetables.

Madrid Metro

This is a page to help you learn about how to use the metro system in Madrid. I've written about prices, tickets and timetables. There's also a link to the official metro website in English.

Madrid Metro Map

Map of the Madrid metro system includes both an online version of the map and a free printable versoin of the Madrid metro map.

Timetable Information For Transport In Madrid

This page gives you links to official transport in Madrid websites. Where no website is available, you'll see the telephone number. The different types of Madrid transport are covered here.

Madrid Bus System

This page is all about the Madrid bus system. Find out how, where and when to catch a bus. There's price and ticket information too, and a guide to the main bus stations and which destinations outside of Madrid the buses travel to.

Disabled Access in Madrid

This page is about transport for the disabled. Learn which organisations can give you advice, and find out about disabled access to public transport such as the metro and the bus. There are contact details for a disabled taxi service as well.

Madrid Taxi Guide

This page tells you how to calculate fares, when to expect supplements, and how much space there is in a taxi. There are also tips on how to work out roughly what your fare should be.

Guide To Car Parking Madrid

I've used my experience of parking in Madrid to compile this page which tells you what to expect in terms of prices, and parking availability. Read our own tips on how to find a parking space in Madrid.

Car Hire Madrid

This page is useful if you're not sure whether or not to hire a car. It will tell you more about what it's like to drive around the city.

Madrid Airport - Main information Page

You'll see in this page , advice on how to travel to and from the airport, and the facilities there. You will also see detailed information on car parking and car hire.

Madrid Airport Car Hire

This page tells you all about hiring a car at the airport.

Airlines flying from Madrid

On this page you'll find information relating to Madrid Airport airlines, including the terminals they fly from.

Find A Cheap Flight To Madrid

Listed on this page you'll see the 'no frills' airlines that fly in and out of Madrid airport to destinations in the UK and Europe.

Finding A Madrid Airport Transfer To Nearby Destinations

This page contains essential information regarding the Madrid airport transfer options that take you out of the city centre.

Airport Transport To The City Centre

You can read here about different ways to travel to the city centre from the airport. There's also pricing information.

Parking at Madrid Airport

An article telling you everything about the parking options at the airport in Madrid. You will also find a guide to parking costs and details about how and where to pay.

Madrid is well geared up in terms of transport. The Madrid transport system is quick and efficient, and you can choose between the metro, bus or taxi. Many destinations can be reached on foot within the centre. This page contains information not only about how to get around the centre, but also how to travel between Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid To Barcelona Flight

Click to read this page about Madrid transport to Barcelona. There's guidance about the airlines that operate on this route, and links to official websites.

Madrid to Barcelona Train

Read here to learn about the Madrid transport to Barcelona by train. You can see where you can take the train from, the time it leaves, where to buy tickets and how much they cost, journey times and details services you can get on board.

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