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Rios Rosas 47 Car Park in Madrid

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Rios Rosas 47 Car Park in Madrid

Car park address, location, nearby attractions and nearest metro underground station.

You can make your advanced online reservation by following the link below. When you have made your reservation your car park space is guaranteed to be available for the date and time you booked it for.

Rios Rosas 47
Calle de Ríos Rosas, 47
28003 Madrid, España.

Nearest metro stations to this car park

MetroMetro: Ríos Rosas (Light Blue Line, L1). 6 minute walk from the metro.

Tourist attractions near Rios Rosas 47 car park

  • Museo División Azul. 2 minute walk.

  • Museo Geominero. 4 minute walk.

  • Jardines de Nuevos Ministerios. 6 minute walk.

  • Plaza San Juan de la Cruz. 6 minute walk.

  • Post office. 6 minute walk.

  • Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN). 8 minute walk.

  • Advanced car park online reservation

    Your parking space is guaranteed for the date and time you reserved it for when you book in advance.

    Reserve your parking space at Rios Rosas 47 car park.

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