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This page gives you links to official websites for transport in Madrid. Timetable information changes frequently so it is best to check out these links before travelling to ensure that you have the most accurate information. Most pages are available in many languages, and are updated regularly. Where no website is available, you will find the telephone number. The different types of transport in Madrid are covered here.

Madrid Airport Transport

Trains, Buses And Metro As A Form Of Transport In Madrid

Madrid Metro Timetables

Madrid metro System.

Official transport website for trains, buses and metro in Madrid

This page is available in English and has timetable and price information for all forms of public transport. You can also get help planning your exact route, and see maps that will help you to orientate yourself.

For additional information about the metro in Madrid, you can also go to the official metro in Madrid site.

Madrid Bus Timetables

The EMT Madrid Buses are easy to Spot
The EMT Buses Are Easy To Spot

The buses in Madrid are frequent, clean and cheap. You can use your metro ticket interchangeably with the EMT red buses.

Click here to go to the official webpage for EMT buses and find timetable information.

One of the easiest means of transport in Madrid is the Madrid Vision tour bus. There are 2 bus routes that circulate the centre of Madrid, stopping at 29 points of interest. You can hop on and off all day with the same ticket. Click here to see our in depth review of the Madrid Tour Bus

Madrid Train Timetables

The national rail network in Spain is called RENFE. The RENFE trains don't operate in the centre of Madrid, but they provide excellent links from Madrid Atocha and Chamartin stations to towns and cities both within the Community of Madrid and the rest of Spain.

Click here for the official RENFE timetables page in English.

For the main RENFE homepage go to
This page is in Spanish.

The Cercanías Renfe network of trains serves the Community of Madrid. These are suburban trains that run frequently to small towns and points of interest outside the city centre. The webpage is not currently available in English, but if you click the link below to take you to the page, and then click on 'Horarios' (timetables), you can easily see what times and where the trains run.
Click here for the RENFE Cercanias website.

Taxi Transport In Madrid

The official white taxis with the red stripe can be contacted on the following number:

Madrid Taxi: +34 91 405 1213

There are other 24hr taxi companies recommended by the tourist information service:

Radio taxi
 +34 91 447 3232 / +34 91 447 5180

Tele taxi
Tel: +34 91 371 2131 / +34 90 250 1130

Car Hire - Should I Choose A Car As My Form Of Transport In Madrid?

If you are a confident driver, then you'll be OK driving in Madrid. There are many reputable car hire companies in Madrid.
Click here if you would like to hire a car from the airport.

Airport Transport In Madrid

If you want information about transport from Madrid airport to the city centre, then click here to see a detailed article telling you about the different options available for madrid airport transport.

Or perhaps you would like to know about transport in Madrid from the airport to other destinations? Click here to read the information we have compiled about madrid airport transfer.

Click here if you are looking for a guide to find a cheap flight to Madrid.

Madrid is well connected to other cities by the national RENFE train network, and transport in Madrid centre is modern, clean and efficient, so you'll find it easy to navigate your way around. And it's good value. This page has been an overview to the many transport options in the city, with links to more in depth information.

Disabled Transport In Madrid

There is a specialised taxi company that caters to disabled people. They are called Euro-Taxi and you can call them on the following number. Twenty four hours a day.
Tel: +34 91 547 8200
You can ask for an English speaking operator by saying,
"Hay alguien quien puede hablar ingles por favor?"
Although, most of the telephone operators only speak Spanish, so here are some useful phrases:

Quiero reservar un taxi - I want to reserve a taxi
Para cuatro personas - For 4 people
Desde el aeropuerto - From the airport
Minusvalidos - Disabled
A las cinco - at 5 o'clock

Disabled access is available on the metro as well. Click here to see a map detailing which stations have lifts and disabled access.

Choosing Which Form Of Transport To Use In Madrid

The public transport in Madrid is comprised of the metro, buses and taxis. All forms of transport are good value and clean and efficient. If you are travelling from the airport into the centre with luggage, you can easily get a taxi, and the metro is a convenient option if you are travelling light. This page also tells you about the trains, and has links to more in-depth articles about transport to and from the airport.

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